Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where's the toaster?

  Ever wonder what it would be like to live without modern conveniences?  Try moving to a country where none of your appliances work.  A 110v appliance just doesn't work in a 220v outlet.
   My family recently moved to Germany.  We realized that things would be different, but it was a little more drastic than we thought.  When you rent a home in Germany, the previous tenants take everything - including the kitchen sink!  We had no counters, cabinets, or stove in the kitchen.  Not all the rooms had light fixtures.  Those go with whomever put them in.
  The past couple weeks have been interesting.  We went to IKEA and bought a kitchen.  Now you may picture cabinetry and such being put in place easily.  Think again!  Everything comes disassembled in box for  home assembly. The stove top didn't even come with a cord.  Needless to say, it has taken us a while to get out kitchen together and it is still not quite done.
  We are slowly acquiring other things - such as a toaster, coffee pot, washer, dryer.  Thankfully the previous tenants sold us there refridgerator and microwave.  It is an adventure.  We are currently putting together a bedroom set, which is a big project as well. 
  This doesn't leave us a lot of time for sightseeing, or blogging, but I will give this a whirl.

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